Spotlight Couronne Internationale

It was a bright sunny morning with a temperature close to 30°C. I was getting ready for an event that I was invited to, and had everything setup the night before. Excitement was an understatement that day because I have always wanted to work with models and an agency however certain things in life do prevent such ambitions. Not this time; the opportunity given to me has huge potential to open up doors that I couldn't possibly open myself. 

I was invited by a New York runway fashion model named Limuel. I met him at a city wide event in summer 2016; little did I know that it was his dream to assemble a team of like minded individuals to establish a non-profit organization that develops young talented models to reach their own ambitions in the fashion industry. Thus, Spotlight Couronne Internationale was born; and I was to take part in photographing their model search that day.

During the executives briefing before the search started, they announced that another photographer and myself are the official photographers for their organization. This definitely caught me off guard; in that moment everything changed. I can envision opportunities that can benefit my skill set, connection and network opportunities have opened, and getting a taste of the fashion industry as a photographer! 

Thank you to the Spotlight Couronne Internationale executives, especially to Limuel Vilela. Without further ado, here are some of the pictures that was taken during Spotlight's model search!