Story of Joy - Autumn

   I have started a photographic journey in which I am not sure where it will lead me. I have ideas in my mind that I would like to express through photography; in addition, I have no experience in doing such things. In other words, I am heading into an adventure blindly. Without further ado, I introduce to you my personal project, first of a four part series; Story of Joy - Autumn series. 

   The original concept was to have an image representing the autumn season contrasted with the opposite colours. For example, the colours of autumn are essentially reds, yellows, orange, and browns; contrast to those colours are, greens, blues, and purple/magenta. Simple, easy to achieve, and not a lot of technical difficulty. However, I thought to myself - why stop there? Why not continue the seasons? Then a light bulb moment - seasonal change representing a person's subconscious inner change. I have read an article prior to the concept, I can even call it an inspiration. It mentions that in every persons life there are moments of change; in those changes certain emotions are felt, whether it be fear, confusion, happiness, loneliness etc.

   The Autumn series represents retreat; a chance to let go of the busy life that we have built ourselves and search who we really are. Careers, family, friends, religion, hobbies - these are just some of the things that keep us occupied. Some of them aren't awful, they even help us grow, however, at the same time some of them can be harmful. It is vital to give ourselves a breather, not to be selfish and ignore our responsibilities but to go back and asses of what we originally sought out to do, to look at the bigger picture.