Closing Out 2016

Ladies & gentlemen, boys and girls! The time has finally come to end 2016. Within a few days, specifically this weekend, a new year will come. Before we start partying let me dedicate this blog post for all the readers & followers, to the establishments & organizations that I have collaborated with this year, and to the 'Story of Joy' project team.

First, thank you to all the readers, creepers, and random wanderers who visit this website, and this blog. I know there isn't a lot of content but hopefully that changes in the new year. I'd really like to take this opportunity to really thank you for the support, it has really been inspiring & allowed me to push through this year. Of course my family are the real inspiration and drive, however, you (the readers & followers) are the oil that keeps the engine going - so to speak.

Second, an enormous gratitude towards Lamborghini Calgary, and Calgary Polo Club for trusting me to cover your events, and allow me to peek through their little world and have creative control. Hopefully moving forward, our collaboration & partnership will blossom to an awesome relationship in the near future.

Last, to the 'Story of Joy' team/crew; shout out to the wonderful hair stylist Lois, makeup artist Gen, and especially to the model - Joy. Without your ladies' help I cannot achieve the Autumn series vision; moreover, to the whole "story." Seriously, these ladies needs a lot of credit for their hard work. Not just on our project but through their own grit! So glad that I get a chance to work with awesome and great talents such as yours.

This year has been very busy to say the least. I have gotten inspiration through a number of outlets and resources, I have built a portfolio (a constant work in progress), met awesome characters that this industry has to offer, and conquered the fear of starting a photography business. For those of you who are contemplating whether or not to start a side business, please start it, A.S.A.P! Yes, it is hard, it is taxing to your physical & mental abilities, however, you have support EVERYWHERE! Just get inspiration from the people you care about, seek great resources for whatever that you are passionate about. I can truly attest to the saying - "...if you love what you do, it will not feel like work..."

 As we come to our next chapter, I wish everyone a Happy New Year!