Tunerworks, Akira Nakai-san, RWB YYC

Tuesday March 29, 2016 was Tunerworks unveiling of RWB Porsche 964 cabriolet by Akira Nakai-san, the founder of RWB.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting a lot from this car since I know it's a light modification but that's coming from me just seeing pictures of an RWB built Porsche. I was definitely was very wrong to think that and have that mindset. You judge...

That gentlemen is an ass of an RWB Porsche 964! I can't put into words what my personal experience was upon witnessing this masterpiece. And to have the man who built this Porsche sitting on the side and watching people's reaction was just 'icing on the cake' so to speak.

Plenty of people were there to witness the very first Alberta build RWB Porsche 964, and from different walks of life too. Of course there were crews of car guys but there were some who you wouldn't expect. For example, I saw a few skaters wearing leather sleeveless jackets - the one's mostly associated with bikers, there were mom's with their son in his late teens, there was family there as well. This is what I like about the car community, there is a common interest among all of us that bond us together that makes us a community.

A rear 3/4 shot that shows how wide the RWB body kit is. I'm also aware that this RWB might have gotten an exhaust upgrade, just judging from the exhaust tips.

The trade mark of Nakai-san are the fitting of the wheels to the fenders; it really helps achieve an aggressive asthetics.

A detailed look at the tire size itself, no wonder why it looks so damn good!

Even looking from the front the fenders are really out there!

Not much was done with the interior but who cares! When you're driving an RWB on any streets no one is going to pay attention!

Of course we can't ignore the people behind this event, Tunerworks. They are more that just your aftermarket wheel shop they are one of the Alberta versions of West Coast Customs so to speak!

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