Story of Joy

Story of Joy - Winter

   This post is the second of a four part series of my personal project; Story of Joy - Winter series. In this chapter, Winter represents the betterment of a persons subconscious change in which they achieve tranquility through the process of the previous Autumn chapter's retreat.

   The mood of the Winter chapter must also change; now the tones are brighter - mostly white, and wrapped in comfort. Technically, a high key image is ideal however, I wanted to capture the nature and brightness of winter hence, the outdoors and snow. Make sure to click on the image to have a larger view!

   Once someone gets a breather from all their commitment, there seems to be a realization of their current state and gradually replaced by optimism, calmness, peacefulness, and more of a relaxed vibe. Career goals are streamlined and focused on the big prize; their faith and beliefs are heightened; and, more time is allotted to family & friends, resulting in a deeper connection and reinforcing family ties and the overall bond. They are ready to tackle the world - so to speak.